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Martin Berzák

Chief technology officer (CTO), Žilina

He has been interested in an IT field since 2003. He currently operates in the KBRnet company as a network and Linux servers administrator. During his studies on the Faculty of engineering and informatics he worked as a web developer. He was active as a .NET developer and worked on pre-designs, analysis and implementation of many information systems. He currently works as a senior .NET developer and as a CTO of BMBsocial s.r.o. company.

During his career he was participating on various projects, for example:

  • Finance Department of Slovak Republic
    • 1st generation Central meta-information system
    • 2nd generation Central meta-information system
    • Central electronic folder
    • Electronisation of the VÚC services
  • Slovak Republic Railways
    • ŽSR Infrastructure Information system
  • The Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic
    • The research Centre of major diseases and their complications
  • Participation on the web portal design, for example:
    • and many others.
  • He created corporate information system of the IT company
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