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Erik Mocný

Chief operating officer (COO), Žilina

He actively works in an IT field since 2008, when he started his career as a developer. He is skilled at various programming languages and is keen on development of new technologies, frameworks and languages.

He is currently active in a role of Solution Architect for pre-design and development of the information systems. His specialization is Identity & Access Management, security of web applications, design of the API interface and system integration.

During his career he was participating on design, analysis and implementation of many information systems, for example:

  • Finance Department of Slovak Republic
    • Central meta-information system
    • Electronisation of the VÚC services
  • Železničná spoločnosť Slovensko, a.s.
    • Intelligent traffic information system
  • PosAm spol. s r.o.
    • Data centrum of municipalities
  • National Agency for network and electronic services
    • Centralized portal of public administration
  • Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic
    • Slovlex
  • Research Agency (
    • The research Centre of major diseases and their complications
  • The Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic
    • Integrated statistical information system
  • He was participating on creation of the following web portals:
    • and many more.
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