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We are designing and implementing customised information systems and applications from bottom up. Our teams are well experienced and certified in their area of expertise. Teams are using modern technologies and best practices so our clients wished goals could be targeted.

We offer two most common development methodologies: waterfall and scrum.

Waterfall development method

The Waterfall development method is a classic approach which helps our teams to work in a continuous, step-by-step manner. With definite goals, once a phase of development is completed, we proceed to the next without turning back.

Scrum development method

The Scrum development method helps our teams to work faster with any technology, platform and programming language. With a constantly changing and flexible work model, the Scrum model helps the team work aggressively in achieving project deadlines.

We also offers deployment and further maintenance of your existing software and infrastructure.

What can we help you build with custom applications development?
  • Specialised server-side applications serving as a central point for mobile or web applications
  • Web-based business and enterprise applications
  • Third party customisations
  • Integration of multiple systems through common interfaces

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