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The goal of the portal is to help the owners of Facebook websites to achieve a higher organic range of your Facebook posts. We would like to realize this by writing articles about this topic and also by offering various tools which could be beneficial for creation of viral content. We are providing two tools (For free) right now:

  • Facebook Poll Generator
    By using this simple but really effective tool you can easily ask your fans for their opinion on your Facebook website which could be presented by clicking on one of the Facebook emoticons. With this kind of “voting” they become active fans of your website and will also probably see all your next posts.
  • Social Media Image Optimalizer
    Simple and effective tool for customers, that use social networks as a part of their proffesion. It allows you to optimize your image for selected social network and type of the post. At the moment, we provide support for Facebook, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

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